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Solutions specially developed for entertainment: ticket sales, consumption management, resource optimization and increased revenue by offering the best customer experience.

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Zig is the solution chosen by the largest venue and event operations in Brazil and the world.

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Sell ​​out your tickets with Zig

We converted our decade-long expertise in events to create an intuitive platform that guarantees autonomy and agility for you to sell more tickets.

  • We accept the main payment methods: debit, credit, pix, bank slip and PicPay – to maximize sales;
  • Optimized Checkout: count on our team of anti-fraud experts for a secure and intuitive checkout experience;
  • Group Sales and Personalized Strategies: our complete platform has features such as group sales, steward/promoter management and creation of discount codes;
  • Complete dashboard of your sales in real time: track your results in real time and make more assertive decisions.

The best experience for all types of homes or events

From entry and access control to operation management, choose between various consumption flows and payment methods.

  • Pre- or post-payment solutions
  • Personalized card or bracelet
  • Recharge or payment totem
  • Application 
  • QR Code
  • Token

Ensure a safe and technological operation, with real-time data visibility and faster financial closing.

Our system is simple and complete, and best of all: it doesn't stop (even if you don't have internet)

Smart payment terminal and cell phone with Zig.app
Zig Card
Zig cashless bracelet
Dashboard Zig 1

Process automation for efficient operation

Reduce bureaucratic and manual processes that cause slowness and errors in your operation. 

  • Better manage your stocks (central or sectorized)
  • CMV control to adjust offers
  • Automatic processing of NFs
  • Optimize your menus with buildable products.

Make decisions based on data and insights

Make decisions based on data and insights.
  • Access sales data and various types of reports in real time
  • Make assertive decisions, based on detailed data about your business.
  • Know your audience’s consumption habits 
performance dashboard

Technology and inovation 

our app

The best experience for your audience

  • End the queues
  • Reduce your operating cost 
  • Have more control and transparency
  • Faster transactions
  • Increase your billing
  • Build customer loyalty
Multiple solutions that will transform the management of your business.
Your customer's experience will never be the same again. Discover what Zig offers to monetize your operation.
The differentiators your business needs

Who has Zig approves and recommends

Zig helped us to provide a better consumption experience to our customers during and after the event, with technology and agility in operations, with a qualified technical team and exclusive service.
Fabiana Sarro
“We have Zig, and it was the best partnership we've ever had. In my opinion, the system has to work for the company and not the other way around. Zig knows very well how this works and has a service that makes a difference. Together with us, they customized the service and solutions we needed to optimize our operation and improve our customers' experience.”
Denise moura
Zig is a practical and complete platform, it gives us control of the entire business, in addition to agility and speed in the operation. Another very positive point is the service of the support team, which is always ready and with quick response. Today I can monitor my operation from anywhere, without having to be present, I can direct the team and make strategic decisions.
Zuhair Mohamed
The system is fast and intuitive, increasing agility and sales volume. Support is always ready for any questions or needs. I recommend it to everyone who needs agility and efficiency in their sales processes!
Jose Leite

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